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30-Foot Tall Inflatable Ketchup Bottle Lands in City Hall Park

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If you passed City Hall on your morning commute, you may have noticed a little something that seemed a bit out of place. And by little, we mean the 30-foot-tall bright red blow-up ketchup bottle set prominently on display at the entrance to City Hall Park. Created by artist Paul McCarthy, the giant condiment container is part of the latest exhibition by the Public Art Fund, "Common Ground," which seeks to expand upon the idea that "public monuments and statues have a clear civic purpose." At the opening last night, Mayor Bloomberg insightfully said, "It gives you something to think about."

Daddies Ketchup is joined by nine other sculptures that re-appropriate classic elements (there's also a stone podium waiting for a speaker) and use non-traditional means and materials to redefine public space. The show is up through November 30, and you should pass through the park with care, as it may erupt in song at any moment?one artist's piece consists of impromptu gatherings of singing choir boys.

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