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GEM Hotel in Union Square Rescued From 'Hackery'?

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[CLICK TO ENLARGE. L-R: Karl Fischer handoff to Gene Kaufman; construction photo via; Atelier & Co. rendering]

When Gene Kaufman was tasked to design the GEM Hotel flagship in Union Square a year and a half ago, some commenters were less than enthusiastic, calling Kaufman “prick,” “hack,” “negligent human being,” “pathetic excuse for an architect,” and “terrorist.” That's not the sort of buzz you want surrounding your flagship hotel! So Atelier & Co. were called in to spruce up what is indisputably a pretty awful looking rendering.

Atelier was asked to enhance the character of the new Gem Hotel Flagship, Union Square. Looking to draw from the fabric of Greenwich Village, a new street level facade was created, as was a cleaner, richer, more authentic approach to an 18-story facade. Large iron divided light windows, limestone piers and urns, alongisde rich cobbled brick gives this hotel the sense of composure, style and luxury a flagship deserves.Granted, it's easier for a rendering to appear better when it looks like it was ripped out of a J. Peterman catalog for buildings, but we hope that the construction thus far winds up a lot closer to Atelier's design than Kaufman's.
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