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East 52nd Makeout-Free Zone; Rosetta Stone of Anti-Peeing

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Street Signs are how your friends and neighbors and enemies reach out via the printed word posted in public. Have any in your neighborhood? Snap a picture and send it to the tips line.

Midtown: Nobody likes inebriates smoking, puking and yelling in front of their street-level apartment; but no making out? Our tipster writes that this "seems a little Scrooged to me." It is nice, however, that the sign-writer expresses concern for people's safety in traffic, instead of telling them to play in it. Not listed on the sign: no flash photography outside the apartment window in the middle of the night. [Curbedwire]

Prospect Heights: The Rosetta Stone of anti-public urination signs. The cross-cultural imperative to relieve oneself outside the P.C. Richard & Sons on Pacific Avenue merits a multi-lingual approach. Note: block-letter stenciling is a language unto itself. [BeehiveHairdresser]