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Fifth Avenue Mansion-in-Progress Officially Available for $72M

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What a way to kick off a pre-holiday weekend Friday: the official listing for the Ronson family's holdings at 828 Fifth Avenue has come online. (UPDATE: And the Stribling co-listing has some bigger photos, which we've added to the gallery above.) We've already discussed the space once this week, but hey, this one's so nice it's worth mentioning twice. The listing consists of three of the building's five apartments, on sale for a total of $72 million. The Ronson family?tower builder Howard Ronson and his heirs?purchased a number of units in the building and combined some of them in pursuit of single-family mansion glory, but these days the Ronsons are spending most of their time in Monaco. This is their attempt to cash in on the excitement at the top of the NYC real estate market.
The three apartments on offer have a total of 22 rooms, eight bedrooms, and 10.5 bathrooms between them. And some of those 22 rooms are quite grand. Here's how the brokerbabble describes the second-, third-, and fourth-floor triplex:

This apartment is comprised of the entire 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. The grand ballroom, paneled dining room, reception rotunda and a sleek and modern kitchen occupy the 2nd floor of the mansion. The 3rd and 4th floors include 4 gracious bedrooms, elegant bathrooms and dressing rooms, and a library/media room. The triplex was restored and renovated by renowned designer Alberto Pinto to the highest standards and in keeping with the original elegance of the building. The penthouse adds a gym to the mix, and the duplex maisonette has a library. What more could a prospective buyer want? (In our case, another $71,999,999.) The building's a co-op, but it recently adopted condo rules, so usually-objectionable buyers should feel free to apply.
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828 Fifth Avenue

828 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY