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Teens Design 378-Acre Pippin Park for Newtown Creek

When it comes to New York's polluted canals, the Gowanus usually takes the spotlight, but Newtown Creek, the contaminated waterway between North Brooklyn and Queens, is just as fun. In fact, a group of high schoolers want to make the Superfund site even more fun by building a massive 378-acre park with the city's largest ferris wheel. Brooklyn Paper reports that the design, created by students in the city's Architecture Construction Engineering mentoring program, won an honorable mention in the Construction Industry Roundtable's national design competition. So what's the park include? Basically everything: foliage, baseball fields, a boardwalk, ziplines, an amphitheater, and it would straddle both Brooklyn and Queens. But with a $19 million price tag just for materials, we won't be playing in the park anytime soon.
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