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Energy-Neutral Apartments; Writing on the Walls

1) In this week's hunt, a computer guy saves up a lot of money while living with his parents in Queens, buys an investment condo, saves up more money, and buys a building to live in and rent out. He seems like a very bright young man. He has some very sensible ideas about what he's looking for, rules out a few places, finds one he likes, and negotiates $100,000 (13%) off the price. We all feel bad about ourselves. But wait! The building has tenants that have lived there for decades and pay $800 a month in rent. They move out willingly. Well, that all seems to have worked out. [The Hunt/'A Nest and an Investment, Too']

2) Brooklyn developer Voltaic Solaire is developing an energy-neutral multi-family building in Park Slope, possibly the first of its kind in New York City. To demonstrate the building's viability, Voltaic has completed a five-story showroom in Carroll Gardens called The Delta, which generates all its energy using solar panels. Since the Park Slope building is larger, solar panels alone won't cut it, so Voltaic is also installing LED lighting, insulated pipes, and energy-efficient windows and appliances. The Delta will eventually be turned into a bed-and-breakfast. Guess we know where Ed Begley is staying next time he's in the City (probably with friends.) ['Off-the-Grid Living in Brooklyn']

3) A London-born artist has drawn all over the walls of the apartment she's renting in Bedford-Stuyvesant. What's more, her landlord doesn't seem to care. Here's an idea: next time you accidentally break something in your apartment, tell your landlord you're an artist. Then hire this lady to come draw all over everything. We're not sure what that will accomplish, but it's worth a shot. ['A Very Fine Line']