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Ambiguously Multi-Family House Asks $3.45M

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167 6th Avenue, a two-family Park Slope brownstone, was purchased in 2007 for $1,610,000. It underwent a complete renovation a couple years ago, and has now returned to market asking $3,450,000. In addition to the renovation, it has also combined gardens with a neighbor, forming an enormous 1,760-square-foot backyard (with some very well-maintained grass, at least in the listing photos.) We're a little confused about how the two-family part is supposed to work, though—we're looking at the floorplan and maybe we're missing something, but we can only seem to locate one kitchen. The second family might want to invest in a hotplate. Still, a very attractive house, especially if one family decides to buy it and keep the whole thing for itself.

· Listing: 167 6th Avenue [Corcoran]

167 6th Avenue

167 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY