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1,500 Swimmers to Dive Into McCarren Pool at the end of June

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There's still no official opening date for the McCarren Pool, but the Times has some new details and pictures of the swimming hole, set to open at the end of June. The 37,571-square-foot pool holds more than 1 million gallons of water and has a maximum capacity of 1,500 swimmers. The former rectangle shape has been turned into a U with the addition of a concrete "beach" dotted with spray fountains that shoot water into the air. Old elements of the original pool have been preserved, like the grand arched entrance on Lorimer Street and the bath house (now a year-round recreation facility), and parts of the interior design incorporate reclaimed elements; wire mesh baskets that were used by bathers to store their belongings have been dipped in silver paint and reconfigured into the ceiling of the fitness center. The Times got a few shots of the pool begin painted a blinding cerulean blue, and they went inside the shiny new basketball court. Now if the Parks Department could nail down an opening date, we can start planning our hipster pool party.
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