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Surprise! Affordable Housing in Big City Projects Gets Delayed

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In a report that will shock no one, the Wall Street Journal unearths the fact that the affordable housing components of Willets Point and Atlantic Yards are being pushed back years behind other elements of the mega projects. The most recent plan for Willets Point calls for the affordable housing to break ground in 2025 as the third phase of the project, only after a hotel and large retail center are completed. As for Atlantic Yards, 6,400 units of housing, 2,250 of which would be affordable, were supposed to be built by 2016, but Forest City Ratner has yet to begin work on the units. This ticks off the many opponents of Atlantic Yards, as the affordable housing was a major selling point of the project. As the Journal writes, AY and Willets Point simply highlight the reality of large-scale development in NYC: "Big projects rarely get developed as planned."
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