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Here Now, a Rooftop Shower With Empire State Building Views

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This East Village rooftop: perhaps where everyone in NYC might like to be right now. EV Grieve discovered the project on Remodelista, where the designers, Melissa Baker and Jon Handley of Pulltab, explain how they renovated the space. The goal was "maximizing the panoramic views while maintaining a sense of privacy," which meant plantings, walls, and canvas screens to set apart areas for sitting, shade, and showering (with a view of the Empire State Building). EV Grieve guesses the building is located on 11th Street just west of Avenue A. Anyone know for sure?

The team designed the project "to weather well," Handley explains, but that doesn't mean there won't be cosmetic changes with that weathering. The ipe planks will go gray, the oak will blacken, and gasline pipe that frames the view of a power station will rust onto the stucco wall below it?all on purpose.

Here are a few more photos, since we can't be there:

The Empire State Building view is through the small rectangular opening in this shower:

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