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Get Soho's Worst Apartments for $92 a Month

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Some New Yorkers joke about having bedrooms the size of a walk-in closet elsewhere in the country, but it seems like the homeless in Manhattan are resorting to literally living in closets—or storage units—in places like Soho. The Post reports that people are using the always-open Manhattan Mini Storage on Spring Street like a "Hobo Hilton"—sleeping in the lobby, in storage units, washing clothes in the restrooms, and just loitering throughout the night. Anyone who can come up with the money to rent space at a 24-hour-a-day storage location is given a key card so they enter whenever they'd like. Customers are prohibited from living in Manhattan Mini Storage facilities, but resourceful homeless people have found a workaround in the fact that there is not enough security to patrol and police the behavior of everyone visiting the warehouse. This is reportedly freaking out more conventional customers who keep valuables in storage lockers at the facility, and fear that equipment or valuables worth tens of thousands of dollars are being kept under the watchful eyes of the city's worst roommates.
· Soho Storage Facility Is Becoming a Haven for The Homeless [NYP]