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Buy a Big House on Staten Island; Get An Armory at Auction

[Click to enlarge. Overview of the Arthur Kill C.F. and image of the Marcy Avenue Armory]

New York State has got some prime waterfront land for you. Located on Staten Island's flowing Arthur Kill, this 69+ acres of ready-to-be-repurposed slice of Richmond County has been home to addicts as a treatment facility and prisoners while a medium security prison. With its multiple buildings and sports fields, however, one could practically describe it as a "campus" if you tried really really hard. The shuttered correctional facility is on the market and the state hopes that a buyer will turn the site into a retail center. If former prisons with views of New Jersey aren't your thing, how about a nice armory in Williamsburg—perfect for fending off hordes of zombies and hipsters alike.

The 47th Regiment Armory [pdf] on Marcy Avenue is 165,000 square feet of fortification spread over 3.2 acres in Williamsburg. It's also up for sale, along with the Staten Island prison, as part of an effort by New York State to unload property it's not using. Prisons and armories are frequent candidates for this expendability list.
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