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Reggie Watts on BK Heights: 'Most Uninspiring Place to Live'

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In a recent interview with College Times, Brooklyn denizen comedian Reggie Watts shared his thoughts on Brooklyn Heights (his old neighborhood) and Williamsburg (his current neighborhood). To most, the two locales couldn't be more different, but Watts points out their biggest similarity: kids.

On Brooklyn Heights:

I use to live there, and it was mainly just brownstones with kind of upper-middle class, a few white rich people and their ethnic nannies taking care of their white babies. There's a lot of strollers going up and down the street with all these women that are obviously not the mothers of these children just walking around. And then some kind of boring college students going to whatever university is there. It's the most uninspiring place to live. If you're an artist, never live in a family community?unless you draw inspiration from children and nannies. It's just horrible.He left the Heights for Williamsburg in 2006, and he says the 'hood was "just perfect" then. On the Williamsburg of today:

Now we're starting to see outside of coffee shops, like, six strollers. It's either the hipsters that live here are getting older and having kids or the kids are moving to Williamsburg. I like kids, but kids kind of bum me out. It's fine. I mean, people need to have kids. It's just, like, you kind of go, "Aww, where are the adults having fun?" Instead they're running around asking, "Do you need some milk now?"Undoubtedly, Watts is referring to these guys.
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