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Tiny West Village Storefront Can Be Yours for Just $319K!

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Are you ready to start your own business, maybe selling buttons—small buttons—or miniature cupcake-shaped refrigerator magnets? This shop just came on the market at 182 Seventh Avenue South. Brought to our attention via a tipster, one of the tiniest buildings in New York City boasts 35 square feet of usable space. Built in 1920, the 150-inch x 84-inch building is shoehorned into a sliver of land left over by the intersection of two buildings that are themselves crammed into the triangle created by the intersection of Seventh Avenue West 11th Street, and Waverly Place. The cubbyhole last changed hands in 2000 for $85,000. It's now back on the market for $319,000. What kind of business would you run out of a 35 square foot store?
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