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Green Plot on Chrystie Fingered for Renewal After 50 Years

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The currently under-occupied parking lot-green space combo at 215 Chrystie could soon be putting its glassy block-hogging neighbors at Avalon Chrystie Place to shame if the sliver of sleepy neighborhood can be renewed with a 25-story mixed-use tower. The lot, vacant save for some parking spaces and trees, is the last city-owned parcel of the Cooper Square Urban Renewal Area that was established in 1959—you thought SPURA was the only glacial mover in the neighborhood? After 50-something years, developers are now prepared to jump in and take a chance by building a 195,000-square-foot exclamation mark on the Lower East Side. At 25 stories, the new tower would be the tallest building by a wide margin for some distance in any direction.
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