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Dunkin' Donuts Grabs Attention, Holds It Hostage

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A new Dunkin' Donuts on the Upper East Side is doing everything short of throwing hot coffee in one's face to get your attention. Blog AFineBlog took this shot of the donut chain location on Lexington today after noticing that the ridiculous amount of signs spotted earlier in the week had been augmented with even more banners, pennants, flags, and a man dressed as a coffee beverage (probably witheringly hot coffee in this weather). At least "Dunkie" isn't physically dragging people into the store to jam jelly donuts into their mouths. There's always tomorrow! We're tempted to cut this location a break since it's a Grand Opening and all, but do we really need to herald each Dunkin' Donuts opening with so much fanfare? Pretty soon we'll have to start throwing a parade every time a drug store opens down the block.
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