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Celebrating SHoP's New Book at SHoP's New Pier 15

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Event: The architects at SHoP have a new monograph, Out of Practice, and they had a party at Pier 15 to celebrate. We've been there before, but we couldn't resist the chance to visit again. And this time there were people!
In the House: Architects and publishing types.
Dress Code: Architect black and summer wear.
Menu: Snacks with a twist: pine nuts and pumpkin seeds covered in something spicy, potato chips, cracker/biscuit things with sea salt, popcorn, and custom green-and-white SHoP M&Ms. We sampled everything, for the sake of journalism.
Overheard: "This is like something they would have on the west side," said in a very satisfied tone.
What We Saw: Pier 15 itself, plus some on-display models of other SHoP projects. Hello, recently-approved Pier 17! Photos of it all in the gallery above.
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Pier 15

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