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Dream Hotel Opens New Lobby Lounge, Roof Open for Summer

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

The Event: Grand opening of the bar at the Dream Hotel on 55th Street and Broadway
In the House: Huge crowds not afraid to brave a line for the elevators to get to the roof.
Dress Code: After work casual.
Music: Twin DJs Andrew and Andrew played an eclectic mix upstairs and downstairs, with their remote video dopplegangers always pictured over their shoulders.
Menu: Unknown. Crowd was too many, too hungry to get near servers, let alone the food.
Overheard: Practically nothing. The music was at flirtation-friendly volume, requiring conversants to stand very close and talk directly into someone's ear.

The opening of a new lobby lounge at the Dream Hotel at 210 West 55th Street is supposed to herald a hipper, Brooklyn-like aesthetic to a neighborhood far away from the East River and its bridges. Fishnetted models dressed as toy soldiers stood sentry at the entry to the bar, and a mer-creature sat in the lobby under a blindingly bright spotlight to distract people waiting for the elevator to get upstairs. On the roof, molls in lingerie and cigarette girls mingled among party guests who enjoyed a break from rainy weather under strung party lights and clear skies.