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Huguette Clark's Dollhouse Sells to Hedge Funder for $25.5M

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After giving the cold shoulder to the prime minister of Qatar and his sizable family and security entourage, the co-op board at 907 Fifth Avenue was primed to say yes to a more traditional incredibly wealthy buyer for one of Huguette Clark's other apartments, who turned out to be hedge funder Boaz Weinstein and his wife Tali, an assistant U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn (and Rhodes Scholar and former U.S. Supreme Court law clerk). "They are a lovely family. A lovely, rich family," one insider told the Post. The pair were willing to pay $25.5 million for late copper heiress Huguette Clark's 12th floor apartment and the board agreed to let them.

Weinstein is the head of the hedge fund Saba Capital, and is described by the Times as a Wall Street "wunderkind" who recently made a huge pile of money by squeezing JPMorgan in trades that cost the bank $2 billion to date. Weinstein will need some of that cash to update all the wiring and plumbing in Clark's Fifth Avenue dollhouse.

Elsewhere inside 907 Fifth Avenue, all the attention stirred up by Huguette Clark's grand abandoned apartments—she didn't live in any of the three apartments she maintained at the building for decades before her death at the age of 104—may be emboldening some other co-op owners whose similar apartments have been kept up to date since the 1960s. Apartment #7E/7W is just one floor below Clark's remaining #8E/8W units, but the board has already said that it is unlikely that they will allow any buyer to combine the eighth floor units. The owner of #7E/7W (pictured above) just bumped the ask on their full-floor apartment $4 million, to $29 million.

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