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Christopher Columbus Gets a Living Room With Park Views

Come September, famed explorer Christopher Columbus will be hosting guests in his brand new contemporary living room, showing off his soaring 14-foot ceilings and breathtaking Central Park views offered through the his loft-style windows. Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi will design the fauxpartment specifically for Columbus, who resides six-stories above Midtown on his permanent pedestal. For 120 years, the stony sailor has had the impressive views all to himself, but now New Yorkers will share his perspective thanks to Tatzu's three-month-long open house, hosted in partnership with the Public Art Fund. The designer is forgoing Columbus's usual old-world nautical style, and decking out his new digs with images of pop culture. Cheers to that! It's high time the old man was associated with something other than the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria.
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