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Cobble Hill Landlord Claims Designer Tenant Owes $17,000

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Designer Ramdane Touhami and his wife, Victoire de Taillac, never stay more than two years in any country, Touhami told T Magazine in a recent profile of the couple's Cobble Hill brownstone. What Touhami didn't add: this time their move might be accompanied by an eviction notice. The home's owner, Gilt Groupe Japan CEO Peter Glusker, says Touhane owes $17,000 in rent and utilities. Glusker is trying to evict Touhane, and it sounds like the redesign hasn't helped matters: "The wall is metallic and purple, the wallpaper is gaudy," Glusker tells the Post. "I don't care about the house being fabulous, just pay the rent." (We hear echoes of Courtney Love.) A look at the Touhami-de Taillac decor, above.
Not surprisingly, Touhami contends that he doesn't owe any rent: "I left a $26,000 deposit. This is all because the guy doesn't like the interior. He had an ugly place?I am a famous designer I spent $50,000 revamping the house." Touhami also claims he and his wife found Glusker a new tenant who's paying more. Maybe everyone's just confused about whether Touhami's security deposit can be used for rent.
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