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Williamsburg's 80 Metropolitan Finally Sells All Its Units

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Williamsburg's 80 Metropolitan has walked a rocky road, paved with price cuts and buyer backouts. But now, at long last, we can offer the building our congratulations?it is officially sold out. All 123 condo units, including nine townhouses, have sold, building reps tell us. As for the spin-off project at 58 Metropolitan, that one's officially 95 percent sold, with one 2BR and one 3BR ($989,000 and $1.645 million) left for buyers to choose from.

Now that all units have been claimed at 80 Met, let's look back at pricing, shall we? StreetEasy shows a recorded average sale price of $761/square foot, compared to an average ask of $763/square foot. Not bad?but then, that's with somewhat chopped pricing. The steepest discount we see was for #3O, which sold for $947,000, or 17.3 percent off the asking price, in late 2009.
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