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UWS Landlord Considers Selling After Supreme Court Rejection

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The Supreme Court recently refused to hear Upper West Sider James Harmon's case on the legality of rent-stabilization?and now Harmon and his wife tell the Post they might sell their townhouse as a result. The five-story brownstone includes the Harmons' parlor-floor one-bedroom and six other one-bedrooms, three that they rent at market rate and three that are rent-stabilized. The Harmons say they can't afford to hang onto the house any longer, given the fees involved?$58,300/year in property taxes and another $3,000/year for water?and the fact that they've delayed retirement. (They took out a $1.5 million mortgage to buy Harmon's brother's share of the house in 2005.)

Then there are possible interpersonal reasons for leaving. Not only do the Harmons have a tough time with their own tenants, one of whose apartments they tried to retake twice for grandchildren, but now the residents of neighboring buildings have become hostile, too. One of them even photographs Harmon as he enters and leaves the house. We're not really sure what that's meant to accomplish.
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