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Must Love Cars for this One-Bedroom 'Sutton Place' Rental

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At just $2,300 per month, this one-bedroom might be considered a real deal if it were really just off of Sutton Place. After all, it's a pre-war one-bedroom up one flight with a modernized eat-in kitchen, dishwasher, historic marble fireplace mantle, "high ceilings, and oak hardwood floors with walnut inlay." There's also no broker fee. So what exactly is wrong with this quaint pad? Well, it sits directly adjacent to the Queensboro Bridge on-ramp. So close that the bedroom's casement window opens over the traffic. Renters can expect honking and exhaust outside their door at all hours and, if the photos are accurate, the windows in this place haven't been replaced, meaning all the vehicular noise will be sure to find its way inside.
· 315 East 58th Street [Streeteasy]