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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Powerful Father-in-Law

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Happy days condo-conversion poster boy Kent Swig hit a serious rough patch in his business affairs when the real estate market turned, enduring dozens of lawsuits against him by former lenders and investors since 2009 and the stray ice bucket to the face delivered by a partner. But it is Swig who's scampering to court now, looking for protection from his allegedly vengeful father-in-law, real estate big Harry Macklowe according to the Post. Ever since Swig's marriage to Macklowe's daughter Elizabeth derailed into divorce court, Swig contends that his soon-to-be ex-in-laws have been orchestrating a campaign of legal and financial harassment meant to drive him to financial ruin. What's got Macklowe so steamed? His daughter is accusing Swig of defrauding her and and their children out of millions of dollars in their divorce proceedings.
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