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New NoHo Hotel Proposed for 27 East 4th Street

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A new 9-story hotel is proposed to rise on the site of 1-story garage at 27 East 4th Street and, by the looks of things being presented to the Landmarks Preservation Commission tomorrow, what's in store might be for the budget-minded. The plans from SRA Architecture + Engineering show eight stories of hospitality with four cozy rooms per floor, measuring about 12' x 18' each. Down at street level, tucked behind the lobby, will be a restaurant, stretching to the back of the long lot and butting up against an old stable court at mid-block, now filled with trucks. The proposal has some zoning issues, namely an infringement into the sky exposure plane at the upper floors, but that's not a topic for the Landmarks crew to consider. What the LPC undoubtedly will discuss is the impact this could have on the landmarked Merchant's House Museum, an 1832 red brick row house next door at 29 East 4th Street.
This plan for 27 East 4th from owner Kaladop II Park Corporation certainly isn't as ostentatiously loud or nakedly awkward as some other legendary towers in the nabe. But if this one rises it could mean trouble for the "glorious exposures" at the price-chopped Roman and Williams designed loft next door at 25 East 4th, which will likely lose some of its treasured "sun-flooded light" when its lot line windows get covered over by new cinder blocks for the hotel. But change is afoot in Noho, and if they ever finish laying all that big pipe nearby this old street could actually become livable once again.
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27 East 4th Street

27 East 4th Street, New York, NY