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This $25K Per Month Triplex is Home to a Wacky Knot Sofa

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Would you pay $25K per month for a shoddy diner booth? A scraggly roof garden? How about a glossy, blood red hallway? Get all those questionable virtues and more in this UES triplex, the top three floors of the townhouse at 42 East 75th Street, where the sparse furnishings include a burnt orange knot sofa, an IKEA-looking dining table, and a pair of Weber charcoal grills. Now, while certain the 3,500-square-foot space doesn't come furnished, we're unclear about who might have been living in this minimalist nightmare and/or who might consider this quality staging for a high-priced rental between Park and Madison. It would appear that the space is currently occupied, as showings begin in mid-May, but the place isn't available until August 25th.

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