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Brooklyn Heights' Famed Hotel Bossert Returning to Origins?

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The Hotel Bossert on Montague Street was once known as The Waldorf-Astoria of Brooklyn. It's where the Brooklyn Dodgers finally celebrated their World Series Championship over the Yankees in 1955 and its two-story Marine Roof was famous in the 1920s as a restaurant spot for swells to take in the Manhattan skyline. There's news that the Bossert could return as a hotel, after serving as apartments for the last few years under the ownership of the Jehovah's Witnesses, who also meticulously restored the library to its early 20th century grandeur. The church put the landmark hotel on the market in 2008 and there were rumors that it sold for $90 million for use as dorms, but that never happened.

Originally configured as 375 hotel rooms when it was built in 1909, The Bossert currently consists of 224 apartments used by church members. Notices have been filed with Brooklyn's Community Board 2 to return the building to its roots as a hotel. How soon will it be before CB2 is considering a request to re-open The Marine Roof (closed in the 1960s) as a Brooklyn Heights nightspot? And could we hear neighbors' howls of protest all the way from Manhattan?
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The Hotel Bossert

98 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201