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Decrepit NY Movie Palaces Reborn as Stores, Basketball Courts

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Throughout the five boroughs, dozens of ornate movie palaces from the 1920s and '30s sit in disrepair, having long passed their prime. But many of these beautiful theaters have undergone extensive adaptive re-use projects, and Flavorwire rounded up a few photos of the most impressive ones. The elegant Paramount Theater in Downtown Brooklyn is now possibly the fanciest college basketball court around, and the RKO Dyker Theater in Bay Ridge hosts a sporting goods store. The Eagle Theatre in the Upper East Side seems to have missed the renovation step and now functions as some sort of falling apart furniture storage depot.

Head over to Flavorwire to see more stunning photos of theaters around the country, including the Loew's Pitkin Theater and several in New Jersey.

· Beautiful Photographs of Decaying and Repurposed Movie Palaces [Flavorwire]