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In Today's Papers: Pat Kiernan on Moving to Williamsburg!

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When NY1 morning anchor Pat Kiernan purchased a $2.0 million home on Bedford Avenue two weeks ago it produced a flurry of negative comments and ridiculous Photoshop activity, and now the ascendant news celebrity is speaking out. The NY Times delves into Kiernan's curious move from the Upper West Side to the Hipster Broadway Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. As Kiernan jockeys to fill Regis Philbin's spot on the now-lonesomely titled "Live! With Kelly", what is the newsman's ironic real estate play? In typical Canadian fashion, the Kiernan family's reasons were astoundingly level-headed and defensible. "We're not trying to build a showy property. We just want a comfortable place to live with our family." Also, the Bedford L train stop makes for a very easy commute from home to the United Nations International School on 25th Street and the FDR Drive, which one of the daughters attends.

Congratulations to the Curbed commenter who was quoted in today's New York Times: "Canadians are not known for their good taste nor real estate savvy." And good luck convincing anyone that it was you, anonymous guest. Kiernan, tiring of the Internet chatter, held up last week's newspaper story on that $14 million Gravesend home for sale and said "I’m glad there's a story about somebody else's house in Brooklyn today." This week, it's back to you Pat.
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135 Bedford Avenue

135 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY