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Someone Lists UWS TH with Knockout Woodwork

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Following the Quickster PR debacle, Netflix promoted former WSJ reporter Jonathan Friedland to the role of Chief Communications Officer, which has apparently inspired a move from New York to the company's corporate headquarters in California. Friedland recently listed his Upper West Side townhouse, at 131 West 71st, for almost $8M. Despite his teched-out job, the interiors are decidedly old school, with elaborate inlaid flooring and well-preserved woodwork, including a stunning carved hallway screen, paneling, and mantles. Along with a brick-walled rear garden, the 1890 house includes seven bedrooms, 7.5 baths, a full-floor master suite, and a finished basement. UPDATE: Netflix reps let us know that our research wires were crossed. Apparently, their Jon Friedland doesn't own this townhouse after all. Curbed regrets the error.

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