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New Site Pulls Back the Curtain on 250,000 NYC Buildings

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This one's for the commercial real estate-minded folks out there. Meet, a site that compiles data on building owners, square footage, architects, renovations, LEED certifications, etc for commercial and mixed-use properties. The site's been around in beta for about six weeks, but after the most recent data additions, it contains information for 250,000 New York City buildings. The main idea behind the site?which will be available in other U.S. cities over the next six months?is to give building owners a way to find people to provide building services, such as architects who've done renovation projects comparable to what a building owner is imagining.

Each building page?1350 Broadway popped up as a featured building when we loaded the site?includes construction dates, square footage, and tax and zoning details. There are also spaces for reviews and discussions, sections that are still sparse for now.

On the visual side, the site also has a few nifty maps. One shows the energy intensity, or energy and water use, at various NYC buildings. Another shows building compliance with Local Law 43, a heating oil regulation, allowing site users to spot buildings that are burning dirty fuel. Here's a screengrab:

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