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Condo Conversion 250 West Street Reveals 61-Foot Pool

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The warehouse-to-condo conversion at 250 West Street in Tribeca is one that, so far, we've only seen from a distance. Our verdict on the back-from-the-dead project is that the place is, well, rather nice. And that feeling is deepened by the above photo of the building's 61-foot pool, which landed in the Curbed inbox last night. The pool?which has Travertine mosaic tiles on the deck and pool wall, along with that glass art on the room wall?is on the building's ground floor, next to the library. (Bookworms can peer in through a glass wall.)
The pool rendering prompted us to check in on sales at the building, where developers did some reconfiguration to appeal to buyers interested in larger units. StreetEasy shows 60 apartments in contract so far. So who's gonna be first into the pool?
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250 West Street

250 West Street, New York, NY