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The 10 Biggest NYC Real Estate Sales of 2012 (So Far)

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Much broker chatter so far this year has focused on the highest end of the market, the wealthy buyers who regularly blow our minds with the number of digits in front of the decimal point each time they purchase a property. Thanks to PropertyShark, we have a list of the 10 biggest sales so far this year?and just how much each property cost its new owner. The most expensive property will be no surprise to anyone (think extreme parental generosity), but a few of the others haven't had their moment in the spotlight yet. So here we go:

10) 1 Central Park West #43C
Sale price: $19,000,000
Vital stats: 4,415 square feet
The skinny: The deed for this sale, which closed in mid-January, is thoroughly unrevealing. There was no official listing, and both buyer and seller IDs are hidden by LLCs. The price works out to $4,303/square foot.

9) 34 Green Street #5PHN
Sale price:
Vital stats: This one's actually three apartments sold in one deal. And yes, that still counts!
The skinny: A single buyer picked up 34 Greene's duplex penthouse and its two fourth-floor apartments. The three apartments individual asks totaled $21.44 million, but if the buyer's paying for the combo, that might not end up being much of a bargain. Check out the floorplans of the units in question here.

8) 100 Eleventh Avenue #23PH
Sale price:
Vital stats: 4BRs, 3.5BAs, and a 4,400-square-foot terrace
The skinny: This penthouse sold at a discount, but at less of one than some of the other properties on this list: the original ask was $22 million. Take a victory lap, friend. And then let us share a moment of silence for our dashed combo hopes.

7) 25 Columbus Circle #ST68A
Sale price:
Vital stats: 5BRs, 5.5BAs, 4,000 square feet, and common charges of $7,300/month
The skinny: Tracy and Michael P. Murphy unloaded this apartment at the Time Warner Center in February for a price that comes in at seventh on this list but is still much lower than they were hoping: the original ask was $27.5 million. That makes for a 29.3 percent discount.

6) 768 Fifth Avenue #2009
Sale price:
Vital stats: 6,319 square feet, 4BRs, 5.5BAs
The skinny: The long journey of the Plaza's "attic" penthouse finally came to an end with the unit's sale to a London developer in January. Prior to that point, the saga involved a deal with Andrei Vavilov that fell through after Vavilov sued the Plaza's developers for fraud. The apartment was supposed to sell to Vavilov in a combo deal for $53.5 million, returned to market for $37.5 million, and fell to $33.5 million before selling for just under $26 million. We hope it's recovered.

5) 24 Downing Street
Sale price:
Vital stats: Sold with its fellow Townhome of Downing Street, #22.
The skinny: The LLC-concealed buyer of 22-24 Downing Street got a deal, considering the properties were originally asking a combined $33 million. The buyer is rumored to want to combine the two properties into one mansion, 12,127 square feet in size. That would work out to 6BRs, 5BAs, a garden, and a garage.

4) 998 Fifth Avenue #5W
Sale price: $27,222,500
Vital stats: 5BR, 5BA co-op
The skinny: Even the building that made apartment living cool by luring big-name families away from their townhouses can't always sell apartments at their full ask. #5W was initially asking $34 million but sold at nearly 20 percent off after 333 days on the market.

3) 1030 Fifth Avenue #9W
Sale price: $31,500,000
Vital stats: 6BR, 6BA
The skinny: This co-op, which belonged to George S. Blumenthal, actually sold at a 10 percent discount: the original asking price was $35 million. But it was on the market for only 23 days before going into contract. And the buyers probably aren't gloating about the savings too much, since they still have to pay a 2 percent flip tax and a whopping monthly maintenance of $16,689.

2) 834 Fifth Avenue #12B
Sale price: $42,000,000
Vital stats: We don't know!
The skinny: This listing's mystery makes the fact that it changed hands for $42 million all the more impressive. It was never officially listed, and it is reportedly a fixer-upper. The buyer was oilman/billionaire Robert Bass.

1) 15 Central Park West #PH20
Sale price: $88,000,000
Vital stats: Oval bedroom custom-designed by Robert A.M. Stern for a full view of the sun rising over Central Park. Priceless?
The skinny: The $88 million ask on this apartment was a shocker for two reasons: the owner, former Citigroup head Sanford Weill, had paid only $43.7 million for the property four years earlier, and he promised to donate the proceeds of the resale to charity. Perhaps even more shocking was the fact that Russian fertilizer magnate Dmitry Rybolovlev stepped right up to pay the full $88M ask?and he purchased the apartment for his 22-year-old daughter. So what if his ex-wife thinks he did it to hide assets from her?
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