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Wild Bird Lady Takes Flight to New UWS Wildlife Rescue Center

If you think your neighbor's yippy dog is annoying, imagine living next to someone with hundreds of ailing birds. Until very recently, this was the case for residents of an Upper West Side building where Rita McMahon ran the Wild Bird Fund out of her cramped apartment. Because NYC does not have a wildlife rehabilitation center (apparently we're the only mega metropolis in the U.S. without one), McMahon started doctoring birds that got sick because of things like "getting run over by a bicycle or being exposed to lead-based paint on buildings."

In 2005, she saw 200 animal patients, and she expects to see more than 1,500 this year. Thankfully, she's opening an offsite location on Columbus Avenue this Saturday. She told the Times, "Around 2009, we realized it was getting out of control ? there were so many cages and cat carriers in my apartment." Her neighbors must be so relieved.
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Image via Wild Bird Fund website