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Bushwick Ready for The Boutique Hotel Stage?

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Now that the Wythe Hotel and Williamsburg have been crowned the acme of stylish cool— usurping Manhattan as the place to stay and be seen—it is time for the frontier of boutique hotels to push further eastward, to Bushwick. That is where Richard Guishard of the Morgan Restaurant and Morgan Room is building a 63-room boutique hotel from salvaged brick and earnest dreams that this area of low-slung industrial buildings will become the next nexus of wine bars, galleries, and expensively bohemian real estate development. According to DNAinfo, even some of the hipsters who have called Bogart Street home are bailing for browner pastures, unwilling to put up with construction noise on the new hotel and the noise from epic raves held at Guishard's Morgan Room: "They've had 16-hour parties with bass you could feel through the windows." Watch your back, Andrew Tarlow.
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