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Joan Rivers Brought a Voodoo Priestess to UES Condo

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Here's one thing you'll never hear Joan Rivers joke about: her Upper East Side condo building at 1 East 62nd Street, where has served as the board president for nearly a decade. "There's no humor when I'm there," Rivers told the Times of board meetings. "It's the only area where you truly can't joke around." The raunchy, 79-year-old comedienne has lived in the building for 25 years, and she has sat on the condo board for nearly her whole residency "just because [she] wanted things done right." Her proudest achievement? About 20 years ago, she brought in a voodoo priestess named Sallie Ann Glassman to clear out a ghost.

Rivers lives in the eight-unit building's penthouse, a triplex that was added after the original mansion was built. Despite her unit being for sale, she's maintained the support of the board. Perhaps that's because she doesn't really seem to be trying too hard to sell the opulently-decorated (gilded columns, anyone?) apartment. Putting the pad up for sale was to placate her business manager, and she won't budge on the $29.5 million pricetag. She says a buyer has to "come in with a bag full of money, otherwise we're not going to do it." On top of that, the decor, which Rivers describes as "Louis XIV meets Fred and Ginger," is probably turning people away. A senior vice president at Halstead Property said she should get a decorator to make it bland because "people have no imagination, and to get past Joan Rivers's stuff, you've got to have a lot of imagination." But if Joan Rivers is anything, it certainly isn't bland.

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1 East 62nd Street

1 East 62nd Street, New York, NY 10065