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Here's a Chance to Build at the Corner of Central Park

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Developers with an eye on the northwest corner of Central Park, the city's newest RFEI (Request for Expression of Interest, for the uninitiated) should be of interest. The city's Economic Development Corporation is seeking developer proposals for a lot?currently a gas station?on the corner of Central Park West and 110th Street. The site can accommodate residential development of up to 82,000 square feet, and developers will need to produce designs that promote sustainability, provide jobs for local residents, and include affordable housing, a not-for-profit community facility, "or a portion of the project to be made available at an affordable price for the User to operate a business." All this and "thoughtful and innovative architectural and urban design," too. Submissions due by August 10. (Hey, maybe this could be number three for Robert A.M. Stern.) The city doesn't actually own the site, and this is just the first step in a long process of potentially choosing its next use.
Here's the site, as seen on Google maps:

· 110th Street Development RFEI [NYCEDC]