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Crazy Super Returns, Angry About the Garbage Once Again

Last time we checked in on Richard Martin, the crazy angry super of Bay Ridge, he was losing his job and we feared that his passive aggressive, condescending notes would no longer brighten our days. Not so! Beehive Hairdresser gleefully reports that Mr. Martin is at it again, reprimanding someone named Louis for not fetching the other garbage can from the basement. "Just look at this mess. There is no excuse for this. We need that other can now. This is very stupid."

As BH points out, the note is quite ironic, considering that Martin used to get so angry at how his tenants dealt with the trash that he would leave the garbage in the hallway and once he even took the garbage cans up to the roof out of spite. If you have a penchant for cranky old men and angry notes, you can make Martin your own: his current building is up for sale.
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