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Two Trees Hopes to Buy 'Burg's Domino Site for $160 Million

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Those rumors about the potential sale of Williamsburg's Domino site were not greatly exaggerated. Developer and Dumbo kingpins Two Trees have made an offer on the property, the Daily News reports?for more than $160 million.

The site's current owners, CPC and Katan Group, have their own disagreements over the site, and the reported Two Trees offer has already become another source of discord. Katan accused CPC of working on the Two Trees deal behind Katan's back and announced that it would try to block the deal. (According to Crain's, Two Trees has already signed preliminary papers for the purchase.) We wouldn't have expected Domino to be at the top of Two Trees' wish list, given how much work is needed at the site in terms of environmental remediation and the restoration of the Domino Sugar Factory building. But maybe the approved plan for 2,200 residential units was too good an opportunity to pass up?
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