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Hammer Time! $3M Condo at Ice House on The Block

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After the unavoidable death and taxes, there's always the bank lining up to collect its due. A $3 million apartment in the Ice House is being sold at auction by the city after its owner passed away with liens on her property. Veronica Lee bought the 2,300-square-foot 3BR/2.5BA unit 3C in the Ice House on N. Moore Street in 1999 for $774,000 ($336 a square foot!). In 2009, JPMorgan Chase filed a lis pendens claim on the property corresponding to the $1.9 million value of the outstanding mortgage. According to Malcolm Carter, 3C will be auctioned off by the City on June 28 and bidding starts at $3 million. Perhaps a quicky auction is the best way to move a property at the Ice House. As Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis found out, sales at the Ice House can be glacially slow. The most recent C-line apartment to sell in the building was 2C—also 3B/2.5BA and 2,300 square feet—which went for $3.3 million in 2010.

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