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Massive 200,000 Sq. Ft. Rooftop Farm to Sprout in the Bronx

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Brooklyn Grange will no longer be the biggest rooftop farm in town. The NYC Economic Development Corporation has issued an RFP looking for an ambitious urban farmer to build a sprawling 200,000-square-foot rooftop farm atop a food distribution center in Hunts Point. Located at 600 Food Center Drive (near the New Fulton Fish Market), the farm would be fully operational year-round, and the harvested vegetables would simply be transported downstairs for distribution. Thanks to the new Zone Green building rules, constructing green roofs is a whole lot easier, and there are plenty of people covering city roofs with vegetables: Brooklyn Grange is expanding to the Navy Yard, Bright Farms is building a 100,000-square-foot greenhouse in Sunset Park, and Gotham Greens is also expanding.
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