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1920s-Inspired Boutique Hotel The Refinery Coming to Midtown

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The roaring '20s are returning to Manhattan with a brand new boutique hotel at 45 63 West 38th Street (see update below). The Refinery will open this fall with a design that's meant to simulate "what it would have been like to be a tenant in a milliner's workplace at the turn of the century," according to Hotel Chatter. DOB records show that architect Peter Poon, someone quite familiar with building NYC hotels, is behind the project, which will have 23 stories and 180 rooms. Stonehill & Taylor has designed the hotel, which will have 12 stories, 197 rooms, and a 3,500-square-foot rooftop space.

The lobby will have a 1920s-inspired tea parlor, vaulted ceilings, a 21st Century arcade, and a reception area that's "outfitted with warm wood and a custom installation of hat-making tools" to reference the original building's use as a hat factory. The "loft-like" rooms sound like they'll be very factory-ish with "distressed hardwood floors with rugs, concrete ceilings, desks designed to look like sewing machines, and bathrooms with inlaid mosaic stone floors."

UPDATE: So it turns out that we (and Hotel Chatter, apparently) were confusing two different hotel projects. The Refinery Hotel will be located at 63 West 38th Street, not 45 West 38th like we originally reported, and it will have 12 stories and 197 units, not 23 stories and 180 units. The project at 45 West 38th Street (which may still be called Hotel 38, we're not sure) is an entirely different hotel. Additionally, 45 West 38th is a new construction (Google street view shows an empty lot), and the Refinery is a conversion of an office building.
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