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Mind-Blowing Skylofts Penthouse Returns for $48 Million

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[Photos by Richard Caplan.]

The penthouse at 145 Hudson Street was mind-boggling enough when it hit the market for $45 million in May 2011. So what makes a $45 million penthouse cause further brain explosions? A higher price, of course. Our tipline is on fire this morning with the news that the Skylofts penthouse is back on the market with new brokers?for $48 million. (That's $6,405/square foot.) The place was delisted without a sale more than a year ago. Maybe now it wants to compete with 144 Duane Street for that Facebook cash.
We've kept the old listing photos in the gallery above, because the new ones are on the small side. (UPDATE: The Elliman co-listing has larger photos, so we've changed the gallery. The old one lives on here.) But what we can take from the new listing is the brokerbabble. Drool over this, folks:

The glass envelope of its 7500 interior SF was designed to provide the utmost quiet indoor environment, with the maximum exposure to its 4500 SF of private, wrap around terrace & a spectacular 360 degree panoramic unobstructed view. On the entertainment/first level, the living room boasts 18ft ceilings & features a floor-to-ceiling plain-sawn cherry wood "hearth" housing a wood burning fireplace. Museum-quality polished concrete flooring & teak flooring are featured throughout this level, extending seamlessly to the outside terraces.Oversized glass sliding doors open from all rooms to the incomparable terrace to a state-of-the-art stainless steel kitchen & grill located on the south west corner; a hot tub & private outdoor shower located on the north west corner; the entire north, east, & south terraces boast wide open spaces, including a dining area off the kitchen. Restored parapets of the original building provide both refined style & privacy without interrupting the cinematic city skyline & Hudson River views. A steel & glass elliptical staircase is one of 2 stairways that connect the first floor to the very private bedroom suites with luxurious en-suite baths with beautiful vistas of the city. And here's the floorplan:

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