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Apple-esque Underground Retail Space for 1345 Sixth Avenue

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The Fisher Brothers may be taking a page from Harry Macklowe's book and creating an underground shopping space below 1345 Sixth Avenue. The Commercial Observer got word that the company is marketing 15,545 square feet of space that sits mostly beneath the building's plaza. One rendering shows two Louvre-like glass entrance pyramids replacing the current dandelion-style fountains to lead visitors underground, much like Apple's glass cube does at the GM Building; another rendering shows two spheres as the entrances.

Given the success of Macklowe's Apple store, a real estate attorney told the Observer that he thinks more buildings in Midtown, particularly Sixth Avenue, will follow suit because there are dozens of towers that have large plazas and underused below grade space. But one can't over look the fact that Macklowe landed one of the most coveted stores. "A space like that really dpends on the user," one retail expert said. "What they're hoping is to find the next Apple but the problem is the next Apple is hard to find."

Click through for more renderings.
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