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Devonshire House Dwellers Attempt Flip for $2.1 Million

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Have Alec Baldwin's Devonshire House neighbors had it with his criticisms? Okay, probably not, but two of them are ready to leave the building in an attempted flip. The owners of #9C paid $1.59 million for the 1BR, 1BA apartment in 2010. Their first attempt at a flip, a $2.195 million listing last year, didn't result in a sale. But new broker, new price, new chance: the apartment is back and asking a reduced $2.1 million (monthly maintenance: $900). Worth it?

· Listing: 28 East 10th Street [Elliman]
· Devonshire House coverage [Curbed]

Devonshire House

28 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003