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One Man's Journey to Capture Domino's Decay, in Photos

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With news that Williamsburg's Domino development site could be changing hands for $160 million, it may not be long before the old sugar factory is wiped away forever. The landmarked building is one of the most recognizable symbols of Brooklyn's industrial past, and AbondonedNYC recently braved the decrepit site to capture its history (h/t Brownstoner). His journey to get to the factory is almost as impressive as the photos themselves:

I'd taken a foolhardy route to access the building, underneath an area of the property that jutted out over the water. Walking through wooden pilings with the river lapping at my boots, I spotted a short stretch where the bank gave out—what looked to be 50 feet of ankle-deep water. This estimate proved to be completely inaccurate, and I ended up trudging waist-deep through the ice-cold East River.The journey left him "humbled, wet, and for the first time, scared."

As for the factory itself:

Some of the alien interiors were coated with shallow puddles of tar, or brown sugar byproducts rendered the consistency of glue—or apple crisp. Others took on the appearance of an Egyptian temple in the impenetrable darkness, with row upon row of columns supporting the chasm of a vacant warehouse. I'd escape through a lightless staircase, only to surface in a shadowy locker room straight out of a horror movie.Click through for 17 more photos. · Inside the Domino Sugar Refinery [AbandonedNYC, via Brownstoner]
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Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY