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Cornerspotted: Rikers Island Prison Hospital

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It's not the Bulova Building in Queens, although that's where a lot of readers' minds went when they saw a horizontally aligned structure with grass in front. No, this is the six-story hospital of the Rikers Island Penitentiary, circa 1939, back when Rikers looked less like the high-density jail island colony that it is today, and more like an office park where engineers in short sleeve dress shirts were dueling with slide rules rather than sharpened toothbrushes. The hospital was built in 1934 and was one of many brand new buildings constructed at the time when Rikers Island Penitentiary was taking over the role that had previously been served by Blackwell's Island Penitentiary (on today's Roosevelt Island). We do not know if this building is still used as a hospital, or even still standing. Any guards, employees, or former "visitors" to Rikers want to fill us in? Hit the Tip Line, and thanks for playing!
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