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$3,200,000 UWS Triplex, Film Crew Not Included

Earlier this week, we speculated that the penthouse unit in 157 West 74th Street might be having some trouble selling due to the fact that it's a fifth-floor walk-up. Apartment 1R, being on the first floor, has no such excuse. It is a triplex, though, so maybe prospective buyers are feeling a little trepidation about walking up and down all those stairs?

The Event: Open house at the triplex in 157 West 74th Street (1R).
In the House: Many brokers, one or two lookers, the cast and crew of Selling New York.
Menu: Cheese ravioli, prosciutto-wrapped figs, crostini with fava beans, delicious cookies from Levain, wine.
Regrets: Turning down a chance to be "on camera." This could have been our big break!
The triplex has two rooms on each floor. On the top floor, there's a living/dining room with a wood-burning fireplace, and a decent-sized kitchen. The middle floor is two bedrooms, and bottom floor is a "recreation room" (currently set up with two scary-looking pilates contraptions) and an office/possible bedroom. The rooms are all of a relatively similar size—none of them are too small, but they're not particularly large either. If you're looking for a place to stretch out and play some floor hockey, you might be disappointed. However, the private garden makes up for that by being spacious—over 800 square feet—and very nice looking. We didn't go out there because it was raining, but we were able to see it from the windows of multiple rooms on the lower two floors. Overall, for $3,200,000 you could do a lot worse.

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