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Bryant Park Getting a Shiny New Neighbor

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A modest-sized tower is headed towards Bryant Park along Sixth Avenue and construction could start later this year now that financing for its construction has been obtained from JPMorgan Chase, according to Crain's. 7 Bryant Park (aka 1045 Sixth Avenue) is being designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and it looks like it will be destined for the southwest corner of Sixth Avenue and 40th Street. If one is on the terrace behind the NYPL facing west across the lawn at Bryant Park, 7 Bryant Park will serve as an unequal counterweight on the park's far left corner to the Bank of America tower on the far right corner. Pei Cobb Freed & Partners were brought in to design a replacement for the now-destroyed Milliken building at the site, and have replaced the squat ribbed box with a glass tower marked most by a tapering scalloped corner that ends and begins again with the placement of a setback and outdoor terrace at approximately 10 stories.
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